What is Refer Friends?

1. Invite friend to our service, after login click on �refer friend� and fill with required information then submit.
2. Get 2$ bonus for each friend, you will get the bonus amount after your friend signup in our system.
3. Your friend will also get free minute ( Minute for BD / minute for India / minute for pakistan) to use our service.
4. Invite more friends and get extra bonus, for registered friend above 2, you will get extra bonus as below chart.
5. For each registered referee $2 bonus, Extra bonus as below
Referee Bonus Extra Bonus
1 2
2 4
3 6 1
6 12 2
9 18 3
12 24 4
15 30 5
18 36 7
20 40 9
23 46 10

What is Hotdial?

By setting hotdial you map a destination number with a hot number (access number),

Benefit of Hotdial?

1. One step dialing to your destination number,
2. You do not need to enter the destination number every time you call,
3. You just dial the hot number; the destination number will be dialed automatically,
4. You can save the hot number in your phone book to make it more convenient.

How to set Hotdial?

1. Go to your state in the Hot number list,
2. Write a destination number in the field, (Country Code + Phone No, For Bangladesh 8801733333333),
3. Write the name in the field, (Name of the person possessing destination number, its optional, you can keep it blank),
4. Set minimum 2 Hotdial number.

What is Speed Dial?

Speed Dial is an Index Dialing System. Using Speed Dialing, you simply press the number you have defined as speeddial of your destination number instead of entering the full number. You can define up to 99 indexes to 99 of your destination numbers. Instead of keying-in destination number while using calling card, you simply press that index followed by # that you defined against your destination number. Our system will automatically dial the corresponding number and you get rid of dialing the whole number. You have to dial any IDD access number + the SpeedDial Index + #, and you will be taken to the destination number.
Exp: <IDD access number> + <SpeedDial Index> + <#> to dial your configured